52nd Annual Small Fry International Tournament

2020 Puerto Rico Small Fry Invitational Tournament

The V.I. Jaguars won their division at the Small Fry Invitational Basketball Tournament. Competing in the 10-13 age group, the Jaguars went 3-1 in the three-day tournament, and qualified for the 2020 Small Fry Basketball International Championships later this year at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.

The Jaguars opened the Tournament with a 44-36 victory over Corozal, P.R., on Friday, January 17, 2020; Then played twice on Saturday - beating Llorens Torres, P.R., 60-21, but losing to nARRANJITO, p.r., 42-38 - to advance to the finals. In the championship game, the Jaguars beat Vega Baja, P.R., 38-34. The following are summaries of each game the Jaguars played.

Jaguars 44, Corozal 36: Leroy Blyden scored a game-high 18 points and KareemPinney added 12 points for the Jaguars. Marcos Cintron Led Corozal with 12 points.

Jaguars 60, Llorens Torres 21: Leroy Blyden scored a game-high 23 points for the Jaguars. Jadel Ramos has nine points and Josten Ramos had eight points for Llorens Torres.

Naranjito 42, Jaguars 38: Pinney Scored 12 points and Blyden added 11 points for the Jaguars. Edgar Sienedo and Yadier Oviler had 13 points each for Naranjito.

Jaguars 38, Vega Baja 34: Blyden scored 21 points for the Jaguars, who rallied from a two-point halftime deficit. Eddiel Melendez had 21 points for Vega Baja.​

1/19/2020 - Caribbean Rose would like to congratulate the 2020 VI Jaguars Basketball Team for winning the Small Fry Invitational Basketball Tournament. The team won the tournament 3-1. The VI Jaguars Basketball Team will compete in several tournaments this season.

1/1/2020 - The 2020 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team will travel to Naranjito, Puerto Rico, to compete in the 2020 Puerto Rico Small Fry Invitational Tournament on January 17, 2020. Several Small Fry Basketball teams will compete in the tournament. This will be the first tournament of the season. Stay tuned for more information.

The V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team won the Eighth Annual Paradise Showdown on March 14, 2020. Held at the Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School's Audie Henneman Gymnasium. The Jaguars finished the tournament with a 2-1 record, beating Chicago 's Marquette Best (2-2) and St. Croix's Positive Guidance (1-2). This is the first time the Jaguars beat Marquette Best at the Paradise Showdown. Marquette Best is one of the many elite Small Fry Basketball organizations that have some of the best players in the country on their team. Marquette Best has a long and historic history at the Small Fry International Tournament.

January 2020 - Caribbean Rose would like to thanks Neltjeberg Bay Enterprises for their continued support of the Virgin Island Public Schools, and our Basketball Initiative.   In conjunction with the Virgin Island Jaguars Small Fry Basketball team, Caribbean Rose has started a new program, tutoring athletes to insure continued success not just on the court, but in academics as well.   Thanks to talented tutors, including Ginjah Batiste, Dennika Harrigan, and Teejah Daley, the athletes are tutored in Math, English, and Science every weekend before practice at BCB.

Israel Poleon, Jaden Dowe, Kareem Pinney, Akydo Nielle, Angel Perez, Kevin De Leon, Isai Obando, Soirie Merrifield, Keaton Hill, Shakii Richards, Cloudelson Auguste, Jikyah Callwood, Eury Nunez, and Aton Austin.

Front Row (left to right):  Elijah Peltier, A'Jai Thomas, Devante Callwood, Khamani Olivacee, Vern  C’Kai Frett, and Jermaine                                                         Sealey

Middle Row (left to right):  Tazhaun Donadelle,  Tiquori Boatswain, K'Hani Turnbull, Imran Charles Jr., Nekwante Sprauve ,                                                            Tasheem Fleming, Nykebo Warner, David Rogers Jr.

The 2020 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

The 2017 Virgin Islands Jaguars Basketball team

Eighth Annual Paradise Showdown

March 13, 2020 through March 15, 2020

The 2017 Virgin Islands Jaguars Basketball team

In a press release, Small Fry Basketball announced that they canceled the 2020 Small Fry International tournament that was scheduled at ESPN'S Wide World of Sports Center April 6 - 9, 2020. Orlando, Florida was put on a quarantine watch for the month of March 2020. As a safety precaution, Small Fry International decided to cancel the tournament. Small Fry International currently has dozens of Small Fry Basketball Teams through the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. Small Fry International looks forward to seeing everyone next year and hopes to add more new teams and a new Small Fry Basketball girls division and tournament.